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This is a picture of Zoe Robinette, the VP of IAG Risk Solutions.

Zoe Robinette, Vice-President Consulting Services

Infinity Assurance Group, Risk Solutions

Zoe Robinette is an executive with an impressive history minimizing costs for diverse organizations. Her expertise in risk mitigation, injury prevention and cost containment has won international recognition. Having delivered paramount results to companies of all sizes, Zoe knows what drives success.

Robinette transforms visions and concepts into workable realities, designing high-impact solutions. She brings her competitive spirit and motivational blueprint to the owners and stakeholders of the organizations she partners with — from the world’s largest delivery and automotive companies to mid-sized transportation companies. Zoe develops the award-winning platforms for the internal leaders who inspire their teams to succeed.

Ms. Robinette’s role with prospective IAGRS clients is to analyze their corporate injury cycles, related lost time and workers’ compensation costs.  Zoe effectively lays the groundwork for clients to achieve world-class results.

Zoe earned a master’s degree in exercise science. She is a published author on health fitness promotion and injury prevention in peer-reviewed journals and an invited speaker on the topic to scientific forums, worldwide. Her leisure time is spent with family generally in pursuit of music, dance and outdoor activities.

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