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IAG Risk Solutions



IAG Risk Solutions is the first of its kind and the first full service captive and risk management provider.


A captive is a special purpose insurance company that insures the risk of its owners and if desired affiliated third parties. Captives are WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARIES CREATED TO PROVIDE INSURANCE TO THE PARENT COMPANIES. A sophisticated way to self insure and provide significant after tax returns to the owners and their Estates.

  • All 30 Companies Comprising the Dow Jones Industrials own Captives

  • World Trade Center Captive Insurance Company - In July of 2004, the World Trade Center Captive Insurance Company was created by New York City with funding from the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Business Team
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Why IAG Risk Solutions?

IRS - In order to reap the benefits of a Captive Insurance company, the IRS requires the entity 'act like an Insurance company'

Do it Right with IAG Risk Solutions Experts:

  • Avoid IRS Red Flags - Legitimate Business Reason for Forming a Captive, Avoid Payment of Excessive Premiums to Captive, Role of Life Insurance in a Captive, Loan Backs, Thin Capitalization

  • Comply with Safe harbor rulings - IAG Risk Solutions has direct access to homogenous risk pools

  • Meet the 'Definition of Insurance' - In order for the IRS to classify the Captive as an Insurance company the Service requires that the company meet certain Risk Distribution and Risk Shifting standards. IAG Risk Solutions has a team of Risk Distribution and Shifting experts.

  • IAG Risk Solutions can typically free up working capital and increase cash flow for Captive clients.

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