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IAG Risk Solutions

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IAG Risk Solutions will analyze current risk exposures using existing coverages in order to identify: (a) risks which are currently uninsured, (b) uninsurable, (c) under insured, or (d) uneconomical to insure with traditional insurers. By managing existing coverages we will eliminate coverage "redundancy", and thus further insulate against IRS red flags.

Feasibility Study—the first step to forming the Captive will be completion of the Feasibility Study by IAG Risk Solutions.

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IAG Risk Solutions can assist those clients that want to form a Captive but might not have the capital to do so now. Through our access to Insurance Pools, Group Captives and expertise in Cost Segregation we can assist our clients' access to third party capital or free up existing assets to fund the Captive now.



IAG Risk Solutions handles all the necessary filings and regulatory items required to get the Captive licensed and funded to do business as an Insurance company:

Running the Company—IAG Risk Solutions will run the everyday business of the Captive including Policy administration, Underwriting, Claims, Asset Management, and regulatory compliance.

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