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Workers Compensation Insurance




As an insurance brokerage representing multiple insurance companies, we are uniquely positioned to find the best possible solution; be that price, loss-control or claims services…OR all of the above.

We look for every avenue to assist the business owner in reducing workers' compensation costs. Sometimes a general review of classifications can help determine if remuneration is being properly allocated. For those risks that are experience rated, a more detailed review may also include an Experience Modification audit, with a subsequent petitioning of the WCIRB for a retroactive X-Mod correction, where justified. Whatever your Workers Compensation needs may be…IAG is part of the Solution. Talk with us about:


Claims monitoring is a program for clients who want more frequent status updates on their open claims. In addition, continuous monitoring usually results in faster claim resolution.


Conducting claim reviews serves many purposes. In most cases, the timing of a formal claims review takes place prior to the unit-stat filing, or policy renewal. Timing is important in determining the status of all open claims and the accuracy of current reserves, as they relate to Experience Rating.

IAG Insurance Services can also provide day-to-day consulting services on a retained basis. Daily claims monitoring contemplates specific claim-related issues not considered part of the normal claims monitoring/claims reviews services.

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