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Large Group Employee Benefits



Part of our overall strategy at Infinity Assurance Group is to provide education-based communication and technology solutions for benefit plans and employer groups across all sizes and industries. Our approach focuses on tailored, individual communication while using technology to reduce any administrative burden creating an optimal benefit solution for your organization.  We have a tried-and-true educational approach that has been refined over many years of experience. Simply put, if your employees do not understand your benefit plans, your benefit plans will not perform to your desired standards. While the backbone of our process remains constant, we also know that every group is different. Your message will be your message, not ours.

  • Whether we are communicating via our inbound call-center or on-site, improving employee education is always our number one priority

  • Each employee meeting is tailored to the employee’s needs and provides your employees with the flexibility to enroll on their own schedule with no appointments or schedule times necessary

  • Eliminates the need for time consuming group meetings and HR stress from coordinating Open Enrollment activities

  • All call center interactions are recorded, tracked, and saved in perpetuity, with multiple languages supported and each client receiving their own dedicated phone number

  • Excellent resource for new hire onboarding outside of open enrollment


IAG provides a custom, streamlined solution to managing your benefits as part of our strategy. From enrollment technology and data transmission to custom reporting, our expert team can save you time and energy. Whether we are building a complete system for the first time or stepping in to help navigate an existing platform, we can help.  Data management at IAG provides a process to efficiently collect and update demographic data and benefit elections within a safe and secure environment between carriers and vendors. This process will streamline the eligibility process and return clean data in a real time setting.

  • Call center support for employees as well as a dedicated account management team for the plan administrators

  • System of record created and managed to keep your data safe and secure in a fully customizable manner to meet your plan needs and carrier requirements

  • Fully automate the benefit administration process to manage new hire enrollments, employee demographics, beneficiary designation and more

  • Ultimate flexibility around eligibility such as division, location or class specifics with real-time customized reporting such as employee status (hourly, salary, etc.), pending evidence of insurability, not -seen reports, dependent eligibility and more

  • Improves billing submissions and transmits data in a secure HIPAA compliant environment by providing accurate and reliable data feeds to existing HRIS platform or to carrier and vendor portals

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