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At the very moment when employees could be facing the worst nightmare and greatest fear of their lives, employers can be there side-by-side with their employees and be absolutely instrumental in their recovery. 


If a major critical illness is diagnosed correctly it can save the employee's life, AND generate over a 20% ROI for the employer on their medical plan. Why? The cost of misdiagnosis is staggering, and in most cases preventable. In the case of critical and complex illnesses that can be a significant cost to the health plan, it is essential to get the diagnosis correct and hence, only have to perform treatment once, and effectively. 

Second Opinion - Second Chance

Employers Foot the Bill

Misdiagnosis Cost Employers Billions

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Human AND Dollar Cost

Medical misdiagnosis, in the form of inaccurate, late, and delayed diagnoses, is an ongoing problem in the U.S. Not only do these diagnostic errors present an ongoing risk to the health and safety of patients, but they also cost employers billions of dollars.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) found that each year, approximately 12 million people in the U.S. who seek outpatient medical care experience some form of diagnostic error. Another Johns Hopkins study found that out of 6,000 cases from medical institutions across the country, one out of every 71 cancer cases was misdiagnosed and up to one out of five cancers were misclassified, errors which can result in delayed or inappropriate treatment.

Misdiagnosis too frequently results in serious harm to patients. In a survey of physicians, 64% said that up to 10% of the misdiagnoses they have experienced directly resulted in harm to the patient. Studies found that 28% of 538 reported diagnostic errors were life-threatening or resulted in the patient’s death or permanent disability.

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