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Step 3 

Getting Your Health Data


The passage of California state and federal Data Interoperability laws are beginning to allow employees and employers unprecedented access to complete health histories at the click of a button.

In fact we can get 5-years of complete health history claims for Anthem and Kaiser patients with one click of a button by the employee. What used to take weeks of health questionnaires now takes less than a minute. The result is that employers are now able to know exactly what their losses have been as they decide to go self-funded or not. 


Real-time Predictive Analytics

We now use near real-time data, predictive analytics and side-by-side plan comparisons to give your employees the coverage they actually need, tailored specifically to them and their family, without breaking the budget.

Big Data

Gather dependent data from select fully-insured health insurance carriers, using a HIPAA compliant process with less than a 5-minute time commitment from employees.

Remove the Guesswork

See exactly what benefits your employees need and use the most. Don't guess at your plan's benefits offering, know precisely what is needed, frequently before it is needed.

claims forecasting

We use predictive analytics to address chronic conditions and treatments that may become prominent in your group BEFORE it happens.

Custom plan design

Armed with credible claims history, we can now customize a health plan precisely to the needs of your group. This translates to more engaged, happier employees AND an increased ROI to the company.

Smarter Approach

Smarter Plan Spend

Large corporations will always have easy access to their data and health insurance plans that fit their enormous budgets. But for a small business where every dollar counts, finding plans that cover your group's needs without breaking the bank needs a much, much smarter, data-driven approach. With a team of actuaries, data scientist, and statisticians we excel if data driven analysis and forecasting.

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